Fletcher Place has many exciting committees that you can become involved in. Look over the list and contact the committee chairperson for more information.

  • Finance: Includes the treasurer’s report on the final balances in the checking account, and on a quarterly basis a year-to-date recap of the cash inflows and outflows. To join this committee contact Sarah Savage.
  • Newspaper: Includes updates on the next inclusion of the Parchment in the Urban Times, as well as any needs, such as help with writing articles. To join this committee contact Glenn Blackwood.
  • Membership: Includes updates on the current totals for membership in the association. Once a year, involves the membership drive and mailing efforts. To join this committee contact Dennis Carr.
  • Land Use: There is a committee for each of the two historic districts and they meet when needed to review proposals for zoning or COAs. Their role is to provide a suggested position for the association to take regarding a given proposal. They also look at other issues that affect the land usage of the neighborhood. To join either committee contact Trinity Hart (FP). 
  • Social: This committee has the goals of building community & connections among neighbors, welcoming new residents, and promoting involvement in the neighborhood. To join this committee contact Sarah Savage.